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Yacht Wine Agency

The premier yacht wine supply agency on the French Riviera with Louise Sydbeck MW - the 100th Master of Wine in the world. Designing a website that fits the purpose and vision of the agency.


November 2017


Riviera Wine

I don't know about you, but I find it difficult selecting a good wine. In reality I really don't know what a good wine is and in general choose the one that's got an average price tag and a fancy looking label. For me, wine mostly tastes the same, but that's because I'm unsophisticated and don't have a refined palette. Now imagine this scenario, you work on a superyacht and have been tasked with selecting wines that pair well with Michelin star meals. Oh, I forgot to mention that the people drinking this stuff are all experienced wine tasters that have travelled the world, are used to dining in luxury and relax on multi-million-pound yachts. It's more than certain that they wouldn't be impressed with my 2016 pap de neuf that I bought for a fiver in Carrefour. So where do you even start when selecting a wine for such a perfected pallet? You're going to need a team of experts that are passionate and do this for a living. Maybe they could even teach you a thing or two about the subtle nuances that are required to satisfy such sophisticated tastes.

 You're going to need a team of experts
Riviera Wine logo

Say bienvenue to Riviera Wine with a Master of Wine at the helm (pun intended). Louise Sydbeck has more than 15 years of experience in the wine industry, studying at a wine university in Rhone and in 2014, became the 100th person in the world(!) to pass the notoriously difficult Masters of Wine examinations with honours. The whole team consists of experts with a particular focus on this industry. With services from wine supply through to teaching accredited WSET examinations to improve your wine knowledge, Riviera wine is the place to go when you want to impress your guests.

My point here is that wine selection, tasting and education is a refined art and you really need to know your stuff to offer advice to clients that are expecting the right bottle for every occasion.

Riviera wine is the place to go when you want to impress your guests

Websites it seems are also a refined art - you need to know what your client wants and put their vision on the web. We were tasked with creating a website that was centred around the facts of the business - fine wine, yacht supply, expert advice. We wanted to showcase Riviera Wine's offering in a way that allowed potential clients to see what the business is all about from the get-go, with more in-depth information available at-hand with their particular requirement in mind. User centric design is based around navigation boxes to discover more information about a particular subject. Pages such as the About page give a simple overview of whom the team consist of with pop-up modals for exploring the background of each team member.

Louise Sydbeck - Riviera Wine
Louise Sydbeck MW, Riviera Wine

Says Louise Sydbeck MW: 

"My passion for wine and the experience of our team was an essential ingredient we wanted to showcase, and our customers feedback tells us we achieved that."

If Forrest Gump was a web designer, he’d say that “Clients are like a box of chocolates. You never know what kind of feedback you’re gonna get”. We’d agree and receiving great feedback from the clients of our client is what we strive for in web design.

Clients are like a box of chocolates. You never know what kind of feedback you’re gonna get

Like finding a wine expert who help choose the perfect wine for the right occasion, choosing a web design agency that “get” your vision is kind of rare – check out our other work to see how we can help you bring your own vision to life.

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