On-board or cloud based email services

Whether you require an on-board, in-cloud or hybrid solution, we'll work with you to produce the email system that works best for your yacht. The service includes discovery, failover protection, cloud based relays and filtering, remote wipe of mobile devices and automated signatures that are added by the email server.

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Email that works the way you need it to, with on-board server and/or cloud based solutions available. Keep all emails for a specific retention period with Exchange archive and access from all devices. With single sign-in, you have one password for access to your computer, device and email services.

Business local and cloud

Shared Calendars

Calendars that can be shared with crew and external parties.

Business computer monitoring

Alias & Group Emails

Multiple alias addresses routed to a single individuals or group email accounts.

Multiple Devices

Access to email on-board and shoreside on your computers and mobile devices. Option to remotely wipe compromised devices.

Business local and cloud backup

Local or Cloud

On-board Exchange or cloud based installation and configuration or a combination of the two.

Access from Everywhere

Access to your emails on computers, mobile devices, on-board or shoreside.

Business quick restore

Automated signatures

Standardised signatures for your Captain and crew without adding additional text to Outlook or mobile mail apps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a little more information about our business email service.


What is single sign-in?

A single password (or PIN, fingerprint or face login) gives you access to your Windows login, email, network and server.


What equipment do I need?

If you are planning on utilising on-board Exchange services you will (at minimum) require a server, Exchange email software and relevant network to allow devices to connect. We recommend that on-board mail servers are backed up locally several times a day, and to a cloud based storage platform daily.Cloud based email services only require that you have a working internet connection and that you have a reasonably bandwidth to allow live syncronisation of the service.


What is a cloud relay?

A cloud relay is used to collect email before before forwarding to your on-board Exchange email server. Using a relay allows messages to be filtered for threats and also collect email if your on-board server fails - when connection is reestablished, these messages will be forwarded.


What is remote device wipe?

Microsoft Exchange software (and cloud based email) gives the ability to remotely wipe any device that is lost or stolen - providing an additional layer of security. Security policies are enabled and must be accepted by the mobile device before the set up of the account is allowed. [Mobile device] security policy permissions include allowing administrators to remotely wipe the device of data and also the requirement of security logins such as a PIN.


What is an email group?

Email groups are useful if you have departments or projects. For example, a captain and first officer may be added to a "management"group - when emailing this group (management@myyacht.com), all members of this group will receive the email. It's also possible to send messages as the group so that all members can view these messages in their sent items folder.


What is an alias email address?

An alias is an additional address to which you can send emails. For example, you could have a primary email address of info@mybusiness.com, but also have alias addresses like sales@mybusiness.com and contact@mybusiness.com attached to the primary account. An email sent to any of those addresses will always reach the primary email account.


How do automated signatures work?

Email signatures are attached after an email is sent (usually from a cloud relay)- attaching the signature before sending to the recipient. Signatures contain useful information that's taken from the directory such as names, titles, mobile number - all of which will be different for each sender. You can personalise emails with scheduled promotions such as images and change the automated signature for each person, group and even whether it's a new or reply email.

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