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Our technicians work with businesses in the marine sector. We know your clients are demanding which is why Azuz IT have managed IT service plans to meet the technical challenges required to keep your business in perfect shape.

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Choosing a company to manage your companies sensitive data and communications is a difficult task. With 100% positive feedback from our customers, consider Azuz IT for your business needs.

Business account software

Accounting Programs

Central accounts computer that gives acccess to multiple users simultaneously.

Business computer monitoring

Computer Monitoring

Potential issues trigger our monitoring software so that a fix is completed before you even notice an issue.

Business email issues

Email Issues

Expert configuration and maintenance including DNS, anti-spam and cloud filtering and building your domain reputation.

Business domain configuration

Domain Configuration

Purchase, configuration, fast DNS propagation. We ensure your domain continues to have a good reputation.

Business domain configuration

Threat Protection

Per device and cloud based security. Compromised or stolen devices can be remotely wiped of sensitive data.

Business printer set-up

Printer Set-up

Centralised printing, scan to file system and fax-to-email.

Business software licensing

Software Licensing

Software purchase and device monitoring ensures you are legally software compliant.

Business cabled networks

Cabled Networks

Internet , firewall, switch and computer configuration via cabled and wireless solutions.

Business wireless networks

WiFi Networks

Multiple wireless access point set-up, bridging between devices, secure access and increased range.

Business remote support

Remote Assistance

When you need immediate assistance our technicians can login and control your computer remotely.

Business on-premise support

On-site Support

On-premise installation, configuration and support work is available along the French Riviera and UK.

Business technical training

On-site Training

Technicians available on-premise training for your software, devices and any equipment that Azuz IT install or manage.

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Azuz IT support services are trusted by the industry's leading companies. Join them today.

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With support agreements offering unlimited remote support, our support pricing is affordable to all businesses.

Support agreement

€50 /m

Computer patch management
Email and phone support
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Remote support

€70 /h

Available when required
Unattended access available
Email and phone support
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On-site support

€70 /h

Available when required
Day rate also available
Email and phone support
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Answers To

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a little more information about our IT support service.


How do you access my computer remotely?

If you have a support plan with us, we'll already have unattended access to your computer so we can work at a time suitable for you. Customers without a support plan will need to install software that allows us to access your computer remotely.


What's included in the support plan?

Support plans include monitoring of your computers critical systems and also include business hours remote support - simply call or email and we'll login and take a look at your problem.


Do I need a minimum amount of devices for a support plan?

No minimum amount of computers are required for a support plan although the as you add additional computers, the price of your support retainer will decrease. An unlimited amount of computers can be added to a support plan, starting with just one computer. Tiered pricing is available for support plans meaning that as you add additional computers, the monthly pricing for each of these will reduce in price.


What do you monitor on my computer?

Each computer is monitored by a small app we install on your computer. Our software monitors hard drive space, usage of memory, CPU, fan speed, temperature and other critical events. We also monitor security status such as firewall, anti-virus and anti-malware. If you have a support plan, we set-up automation to clear old log files and ensures your computer is up to date. The software also allows us to remotely connect to your computer when required.


How do I know what type of work you've done?

All work is logged in our support portal and is available when you login (or by request). Paid work (i.e. work not covered by a support agreement) is logged by time, all work completed is well documented and site documentation is updated. You will receive a copy of the documents reports after we complete the required work. Time of entry and exit on your machine (or premises) is also noted. 

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