Business Continuity

Planning for events that can impact your business means that you can keep operating if issues occur. Loss of revenue, files and even customers are likely outcomes of continued downtime. We'll help you plan for common scenarios and be with you should you need to carry out a recovery scenario.

Plan for disaster

Business Continuity

Ensuring a disaster plan is resilient takes technical know-how and your companies business management team. After liaising with high level staff, we'll create, implement and train you on new procedures - and we'll be there with you if you need to implement them.

Business file versioning

File Versioning

Versioning data at hourly and weekly intervals means accidental or malicious deletion of files can easily be restored.

Business scheduled backups

Scheduled Backups

Multiple differential and daily backups provide a safe method to perform partial and full restorations.

Business alternate locations

Alternate Locations

Setting up a second site with a duplicate infrastructure will allow you to continue running your business should your primary site fail.

Business quick file restore

Quick File Restoration

Easily restore accidentally deleted files by right clicking a folder and choosing the date and time required.

Business email archival

Email Archival

Retain all email as an archive - backed up but easily available to view at any time.

Business cloud restore

Cloud Restoration

Choosing a cloud backup location gives additional recovery options and restore capabilities.

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