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Please note this document is currently being updated.

As the Internet evolves - so do the policies that govern the way we store and share information. One of the latest policies to come into effect is The General Data Protection Regulation. This policy, also known as GDPR, comes out of the European Union and its goal is to protect certain types of personal information.

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01. What is GDPR?

The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is a regulation that comes into effect May 25, 2018. The GDPR regulates the collection, processing, transport, and use of personal information about individuals in Europe.

02. Where can I get more information about the GDPR and my compliance obligations?

A good place to start is on the ICO's Guide to the GDPR. Azuz IT does not provide consulting services on the GDPR but we can recommend a partner that can help. If you would like more information please contact us. Where we can help is if a consultant identifies areas in your IT and/or website that may need changing as part of your compliance. The main thing to note is that the GDPR is not just about your IT or your website. It covers all personal data you handle as part of providing a service, internally under yourHR obligations, for your marketing, or for any other purpose - it doesn't matter if that's electronic, paperwork on your desk, or data that's transferred verbally.

03. Why does the GDPR apply to Azuz IT?

GDPR applies to Azuz IT because we have both direct and indirect European customers, staff, and partners whose personal information may be collected or processed by us, or on our behalf. It may also apply to companies who provide services to us to the extent we provide this data to them. As a managed services company, Azuz IT also has access to systems that may contain personal information that our customers collect or process on behalf of their customers. It is our belief that data security is important no matter whether it is personal data or business data and for that reason we are going beyond the requirements of the GDPR and applying the same policies and security to all data we handle regardless of its classification.

04. How will Azuz IT comply with the GDPR?

Azuz IT has completed a data mapping exercise designed to identify how we collect, handle, and transfer European personal information that is subject to the GDPR.

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The data we collect and process

We have determined that:
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Sensitive data

We collect and process "sensitive" data subject to the GDPR

Our Ethos - No Bullshit

Other Personal information

We collect and process other personal information subject to the GDPR

Our Ethos - No Bullshit

personal information storage

We store personal information subject to the GDPR for set periods of time

Our Ethos - No Bullshit

Data storage outside EU

Data subject to the GDPR that is stored by us may be stored outside of Europe

Our Ethos - No Bullshit

Third party access

Third-parties may also process personal information subject to the GDPR on our behalf

Supplier GDPR


Some of the suppliers and companies we use have a GDPR policy in place. We've added links to these policies here and information about the how we interact with users through these platforms.


We may send you a welcome message when you follow us and may interact with you on the Twitter platform. We don't store this information anywhere else on our systems.
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All of our past and future email lists are GDPR compliant. For our existing lists (pre-GDPR compliance), we sent out an email asking users on these lists to confirm that they wanted to remain on them. If no response was received, users were removed from the lists. All future lists are set to double opt-in, meaning that the user will be required to click a second link in there inbox to join a list.
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We are currently waiting for this supplier to update us on their GDPR practices.
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You may see our boosted posts if you are within our targeted demographic. For example, we may target "Yachts" and if you have marked this as an interest on Facebook you may see these posts. We will never contact you directly, but will respond to your messages if you message us directly.
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We use GoToAssist to perform maintenance for customers that we support. Some of these computers are enabled for unattended access, however we only ever connect to a computer with the explicit permission of the user.

Should you wish for further information, we log all sessions which include connection data, duration and notes about why we connected. You can email info@azuz.it at any time and ask for this information.
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Code Two

We ues Code Two to send automated signatures via Office 365 services. We have signed a GDPR agreement with the company which is available by our customers upon request.
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Data removal

We take privacy seriously.

It's your personal information - you should have total control of it. Email info@azuz.it if you want to check and remove the data we hold.