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General tech

Why buying a mediocre budget computer is false economy

Article by
Dave Connor
“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten." - Benjamin Franklin

The self proclaimed sanctimonious tech savvies carrying the flag of frugality, may disagree with what Benjamin Franklin had to say but in reality their “apparent” argumentative facts are nothing more than transponders of false economy. For when your computer goes broke—electronic hardware can be far too unreliable at times—you have to invest in a new one. And with the prices of these super machines going sky high, you end up compromising with your “now” financial restraints—and end up with budget computer hardware that turns out to be mediocre in the long run. In conclusion, in less than a year you are in the market, searching for a new one.

You can all relate with it, right?

Why does it happen all too often?

Because the reasons which dictate our decision are mostly borne out of misapprehended paradigms. Going for a budget solution is completely fine but it should not come at the cost of the required performance and quality.

Some of us clearly have no idea of our memory, RAM or general hardware requirements at the time of purchase leading to a decision which undermines our needs.

Some of us are not tech-savvy, leaving us susceptible to the evil gimmicks of a salesperson, who succeeds in convincing us to buy a low grade machine, packed with high end false promises.

And the result

You end up buying a computer hardware which gets overwhelmed by the requirements placed on it, eventually running out of steam in a very short time. From a budget computer to a mediocre computer; the journey is fast and swift.

What turns your budget machine into a mediocre computer?

Buying a mediocre PC

It is not designed for what you are asking it to do

A budget computer may be hardwired to play audio and video files and do word processing. But instead, when it has to endure workloads of processing a video or running a heavy graphics application—it may turn into a mediocre machine.

It is not designed to work in the conditions you are asking it to

Although the artificial intelligence has progressed by leaps and bounds; it is still not fully conferred with self will. As such asking a computer to deliver for hours without giving it a break can make it run low on fuel, until it eventually goes bust. The poor hardware cannot stop on its own. Moreover, some operators also tend to run these machines in extreme operating condition—high temperature and high humidity. And with no electrolytes able to revitalize the operating RAM, a budget low quality computer goes broke.

The world is progressing at twice the pace

Our computers cannot self evolve to match up with the rapidly shaping technology of the modern era. Software and application developers keep updating their modalities to meet up with modern day challenges. As such a budget computer, unprepared and unequipped, may run out of RAM and memory to comply with the high end ever evolving requirements.

It may not always come up with licensed software

Budget hardware unequipped with licensed software, especially something as important as a Windows operating system. This can result in limited functionalities restricting the user to not even avail the already confined prowess of the low end hardware.

Mediocre computer with no or limited warranty

With your budget computer successfully completing its transition into a mediocre machine; its limited warranty in comparison to a more costly one, aggravates the complexities even further. Because now you are not only having a computer which may become outdated with raging tides of development or get damaged under the processing stress. It is also a machine in which you will have to invest even more to upgrade it or get the damaged component fixed.

The reality of false economy finally dawns upon you. 

What do we learn from all this?

A budget Intel may seem appealing at first with its low cost. But the matter of fact is it may not have the high end hardware which you need to run your operations and in an environment you desire. Even if it complies with your requirements initially, the trickling sands of time may make its low end specifications inappropriate to deliver the evolving demands. A more expensive computer may have a higher upfront cost but it comes with present and potential benefits which may make it cheaper in the long run.

So make your decision wisely and do not let price dictate the quality.