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How to Organise Documentation Workflow in Your Team?

Article by
Dave Connor

Imagine a situation in which you ask an employee for a certain document, and they start to dig into the depths of their folders to find what you need and email it to you. This process would waste precious time, not to mention decreasing productivity on both sides—the employee would have to set back the task they were working on to find the information you need, while you would be waiting for the information to arrive so that you can move further. According to a study, 68% of employees said that they experienced work delays while waiting for information from their team members, wasting an average of 3.5 hours per week. So, the question is: what can be done to improve the efficiency of the workflow process? Let us discuss the various steps of an efficiently organised documentation workflow to give you the answer.

Simplify—Complex does not mean efficient

Having a workflow organised in a complex manner does not mean that it is efficient. As the world-famous work-tracking tool, Asana, found out—a simple workflow process that perfectly caters the needs of your team would work best for them.

How to organise a simple, yet efficient workflow?

There are many ways how you can optimise your workflow to increase the productivity. The two ways you can achieve this is by designating a place for file storage, and improving the process of communication between team members.

1. Use a CRM to store data conveniently in one place

A CRM provides a central data storage and collaboration system for your workflow. You can upload all the relevant data, and so can your teammates.  This way, there will not be any need of emailing the data or keeping multiple copies of the files in different computers. You can simply access the folder of your team member and get the file that you need.

2. Use Dropbox to decrease the time of attaching files in an email

Dropbox is a valuable tool for use in both personal and corporate uses. No matter where the team member is at any point, they can simply share the link of the Dropbox and you can access the files that you need. Large files don’t work well in emails and that’s when Dropbox shines but the best part about this tool is that it is responsive, and you can use any device to send the files that a team member or client requires.

Business Dropbox increases productivity
Dropbox is a great file sharing tool and useful for sending links to large files

3. Have a cloud backup

For any company, information is its most valuable resource. There can be a situation in which your data can be lost, like cyber-attacks. You need to have a backup prepared so that all your valuable information is not lost. Using a third-party cloud backup is a convenient and reliable method of ensuring data protection and secure data access.

Cloud backup providers can safeguard your data
‍Cloud backup providers can safeguard your data

4. Use Slack or Asana as a communication tool between team members

Having a good communication is vital for any team to work towards a great documentation workflow. Slack is a famous tool among company teams to organise conversations. In Slack, you can simply drag and drop files on a team channel or a member without having the need to email them.

Internal comms tools
Use a dedicated internal comm tools to stay in touch with your team

Need help with your teams’ workflow?

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