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Yacht tech

Cut costs and increase download speed with mobile data

Article by
Anum Rahim

While the majority of carriers are continuing to extend and expand their coverage range through the use of additional towers, water still poses a challenge for those who wish to have seamless internet connectivity on-board a yacht or marine vessel. This calls for a solution that can not only provide a reliable internet connection for the entire crew, guests and owner but a solution that can also offer great value for money.

Effectively power your yacht’s network with mobile data!

Mobile data can be used to effectively boost the performance of your network connection on-board.

All mobile network providers offer different data technologies for their customers. Whether you opt for 3G, 4G, GPRS, EDGE or UTMS, there’s always something to suit your needs. Although the connection speed of the majority of the networks is not as fast as you would expect with a broadband service, many services are now boosting their performance to offer customers with the very best. With a smartphone, MiFi device or mobile data router, you’ll be able to view websites, stream videos and receive e-mails without any worries.

Depending on how much data is actually required, you could save on costs by investing in a mobile cellular plan that offers a higher data allowance. Pricing depends on the amount of data that you require or download per MB (megabyte) however; some cellular network providers also offer unlimited data for a fixed daily or per month price.

Advantages and tips of using mobile cellular data plans on board

Mobile data internet - increased download speeds

- Good coverage range of up to 15 miles off shore

- Increased download speeds

- Ability to use the same cellular plan ashore

- Uninterrupted network connection

- Ability for the entire crew, guests and owner to make the most of their cellular data plan

If you’re travelling to the Caribbean or Canada, buying a new SIM card would be ideal. Keeping a separate SIM card with a good prepaid or monthly plan is advised for longer trips. Before travelling, always ensure that you are aware of the coverage areas. This will give you a better idea of which carrier provider can offer the most convenient solution and best access in the area.

However, what happens when your yacht moves out of the range of cell towers? You’ll be left with a very weak signal or sometimes no signal at all! These “dead spots” that are unable to offer quality coverage pose a big problem for yacht owners and this means that those on-board who wish to remain connected will be frustrated and this will be a big blow on your productivity.

So what can be done?

With the use of special equipment, one can boost the signal being received and hence enable the coverage to remain unaffected. Leading providers of marine cellular data like 4G Yacht offer quality and reasonable priced mobile data aggregation solutions that can aid you in helping your customers make the most of their 3G or 4G mobile data plans. A special mobile data router with multiple modems can aggregate data connections and give a notable boost in speed and performance.  If you wish to avoid recharging your mobile SIM card while sailing to different areas, a device that works with additional mobile network modems will be your safest bet! Quality mobile network bonding features will enable you to get worldwide coverage without any hassle.

How to increase download speed in mobile?

4G Yacht mobile data subscriptions

Marine technology experts make it possible for customers to have quality marine technology up and running before you they know it. Choosing the right provider can make a difference between slow and fast speed - increase mobile data speed by choosing a provider like 4G Yacht which can connect to any network. You don’t have to worry about being tech savvy since our experts at Azuz IT can handle all the technicalities for you! Not only will they analyse and suggest appropriate solutions for your yachts but they’ll also ensure that you’ll get a quality service at a competitive price. So why wait when access to the best marine technology is at your fingerprints? Get in touch with Azuz IT today and you will not be disappointed!