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General tech

Create beautiful 3D network diagrams in PowerPoint

Article by
Matthew Bingham
3D powerpoint network diagrams

It’s hard for non-technical customers to comprehend something they don’t understand.  Through customer feedback last year, we realised that complex (and even basic) network diagrams created in Visio dumbfounded some of our customers.  We still create diagrams in Microsoft Visio© for network admin support purposes, but we also create visually appealing diagrams in PowerPoint for our customers.

Below you will find a quick guide to creating network diagrams in PowerPoint.  If you’re impatient, you can download the PowerPoint template (.pptx file) we’ve created for you at the bottom of the page.

You can also skip to the bottom to download the PowerPoint file.

How to create 3D network shapes in PowerPoint

1. Choose the rectangle tool
2. Format > Share Effects > 3-D Rotation > Isometric Left Down
3. Create a copy of the shape you have just created
‍4. Align the shapes bottom edges
5. Copy the shape again and then the highlighted 3-D rotation shown in the image
6. Resize the new shape until it fits snugly with the other two shapes
7. After you have correctly resized the new shape, select all and then group the shapes
8. Select the group and choose to Format Shape
9. Fill options: Copy the options as shown in the image
10. Line Color: Choose No line
11. Create surrounding plastics by creating a new rectangle, 3-D rotation and then a relevant colour
12. Right click > Format shape > 3-D Format. Adjust the Depth and Contour colour and depth and size parameters to suit
13. Resize the shapes place towards the front of black box shapes as pictured
14. To create the light effect – start by creating 4 rounded shapes
15. Now play with the property settings to charge the look of the shape!
16. Place the new shapes as shown
17. Select all and group. This will make it easier to move the object
18. To add more depth, go to Format > Shape effects > Reflection > Tight reflection, touching

Download 3D network diagram for PowerPoint

Download here